Not your grandma’s boho: maximalist picks for minimalists

Whether it’s from Scandinavian minimalist fatigue or a desire to prove you’ve made it by weaning off flat-pack furniture, it seems the next design wave is all about maximalism, also known as New Boho.

Everyone from mid-century nostalgia purveyor West Elm to, well, IKEA is dipping a toe in the boho trend. The latter’s fall catalogue is full of faux plants and layered rugs with a dusting of Millennial Pink. (See my top picks from the IKEA fall catalogue.) Pottery Barn gave pages of its fall catalogue to curated faux succulents and they’re selling a butterfly dream catcher on West Elm, Target, and more are creeping into Urban Outfitters boho game with macrame wall hangings and geometric (read: kilim) rugs, too.
Boho is happening, whether you are into it or not.

As a Bicentennial Baby who lived through macrame, dream catchers, and bell bottoms the first time around (as well as the first iteration of peach+brass everything in the 1980s), I’ve generally steered clear. I prefer my retro rooted in mid century ’60s — Bauhaus, Eames brothers, Charley Harper birds on everything, and Lucienne Day textiles.

But a funny thing happened. From a wall of Victorian-inspired removable wallpaper to a kilim print wall hanging my mother in law brought back from India (15 years ago), I’m finding a place in my heart for a bit of boho. Don’t get me wrong, there will be no macrame at my house unless my seven year old makes it in art class. But even this self-proclaimed minimalist is feeling the vibe.

Here are my boho picks, if you’re ready to mix it up a little (or a lot):

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As always, these are my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post has been paid for or sponsored.

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Photo credit: Media images from Serrv, Novica, IKEA, At West End, and Target.


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