Price point: graphic accent cabinets

Price point is a regular feature where I share two or more items that are similar in style but have different prices. I’m not making a value judgement about which is better, just pointing out that there are options. We can all have style, regardless of budget.

Today let’s look at two similarly themed accent cabinets:

Modele Accent Cabinet – $655.99 –

Manhattan Comfort Avesta Double Side Table 2.0 – $102.97 –
Let’s break it down.

They both require assembly and will ship to your door. The Modele cabinet measures 30 inches tall, 38 inches wide, and 20 inches deep and is made of wood. The Manhattan Comfort cabinet is slightly smaller at 27.3 inches tall, 35.4 inches wide, and 13.7 inches deep and is made of MDF.

As always, these are my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post has been paid for or sponsored.

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