Retro 60s hanging shelves are having a moment

vintagehangingshelves_pinterestThe wall-mounted shelving of the 1960s is coming back in a major way this fall. Several retailers are featuring the semi-industrial styling in their fall collections. It’s a great way to add style points to your functional storage situation — with a retro wink.

Here’s a few I’m loving.

Linden Mid-Century shelves from West Elm
Linden Mid-Century wide storage shelf unit – $899 – West Elm: No surprise that West Elm is on the nostalgia tip. These wall-mounted shelves come in different finishes and configurations, so check their website for all the options.

Olivia wall-mounted shelves from Pottery Barn
Olivia wall-mounted shelves – $499 – Pottery Barn: These have a cleaner look, without the “brown wood” look of the ’60s style. I’m a bit surprised that a brand more closely aligned with the Fixer Upper/Magnolia crowd would offer such a modern shelf. Of course, they styled it on painted white paneling (which for some reason everyone calls “shiplap” even though that’s not what shiplap is).

Helix Acacia wall-mounted shelves from CB2
Helix Acacia wall-mounted shelves – $219 – CB2: These have an industrial-meets-reclaimed wood vibe and you get a lot more shelf for the price compared to the Pottery Barn version.

Svalnas wall-mounted shelves, IKEA
Svalnas wall-mounted shelves – combination shown is $420 – IKEA: This is one of the stand-out new items in the 2018 collection. As we’ve come to expect from IKEA, these shelves have a wide variety of configurations.

With so many retailers offering their version of the retro wall shelving, it’s pretty easy to find something that will fit your style.

As always, these are my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post has been paid for or sponsored.

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Photo credit: West Elm, Pottery Barn, CB2, IKEA.

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