Fall capsule collections double-down on small space solutions

There’s no doubt about it. Millennials are having a major impact on the fall furniture collections, with even stalwart retailers releasing small-spaces capsule collections.

Perennial small-space go-tos like Target and IKEA are still in the game, of course. What is surprising me are more traditional brands like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballard Designs, and Basset all releasing mini versions of their large-scale furniture.

Hartwell Apartment sofa_Ballard Designs_2017I mean, brands like Ballard Designs are not exactly known for small-scale pieces (or small-scale prices), but they are clearly trying to edge their way into the game. Their Hartwell Apartment sofa (pictured here), with it’s smaller frame and cleaner styling is a departure from their large-scale “European inspired home furnishings.”

I’m particularly intrigued by Pottery Barn’s “Small Space, Big Style” collection, including the Soma sofa series and Stephens dining table. In their catalogue they have pages dedicated to styling 180 &100 square-foot spaces.

These capsule collections of smaller-scale furniture speak to a multi-generational need. Sure, Millennials are still feeling squeezed by roommates and renting, but we’re also seeing Baby Boomers downsizing, too. Many people my age (Generation X) are contending with both adult children at home and aging parents who are in a spare room. Everyone wants to put their own special touch on their living space and these small-space collections fill that very real need.

As always, these are my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post has been paid for or sponsored.

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Photo credit: Ballard Designs

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