Mid-century modern furniture without the sticker shock

As much as I love decorating my home, I have to make my style fit a budget. It’s not always easy. However, over the years I’ve learned how to use search engines and filters to my advantage. Sometimes I’m even able to get my champagne dreams on a seltzer budget. 

I want to share my finds so everyone can benefit from good deals, which is how I got the idea for my Price Pount posts. Those are great to show a few similar pieces at different prices that pop up here and there.

Every now and then, though, you get lucky and find a whole slew of look-alikes that give you the opportunity to get expensive looks for a lot less. In this case, I’ve found multiple furniture pieces on sites including Allmodern.com, Amazon, and Target, that look exactly like West Elm furniture. Any mid-century modern fan has at one time or another looked at West Elm’s well-curated retro collections and wished for a mega-discount flash sale. I admit, I own my fair share of West Elm pieces, but almost all of it came at deep clearance or sale discounts — and those kinds of deals don’t happen often.

Here are a few West Elm replicas that might take a little elbow grease but are substantially cheaper:

These two console/buffets are nearly identical. The top one is Mid Century Buffet at West Elm for $699, which measures 40x19x27. The bottom image is the New Mid Century Modern Television Console on Amazon for $299, which measures 52x16x33. You do have to assemble the latter, but for a $400 savings and a bit more size, it seems worth it.

Here’s another look-alike deal. The top image is the West Elm Mid Century Buffet – Large for $999, which measures 57x19x30. The bottom image is the Waynesboro Sideboard on Allmodern.com for $489.99, which measures 57x19x30. It’s the same buffet – same size and finish. The Waynesboro requires assembly, but is almost half the price.

This is a mid-century buffet that I found on both Amazon and Houz for basically the same price (345.98 and 338.27, respectively) and measure 40x19x27. I also found it on Allmodern, too. They are the exact same piece (even the same image used on both sites) and it is a pretty good match for a similar white buffet that West Elm used to sell. It’s discontinued at West Elm, but you can still get one on the web, with a little looking. 

Finally, here’s a mid-century buffet sold online at Target for $389.99 and measuring 58x15x23.

As you can see, there are deals to be found if you’re willing to do some searching and maybe some assembly. Happy hunting!

As always, these are my personal recommendations. Nothing in this post has been paid for or sponsored.

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Photo credits: West Elm, Allmodern, Amazon, Target

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